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Let us assist with increased utility bills

We received a $10,000 grant to help support members with increased utiltiy bills due to COVID-19. Scroll down to learn more.

Step 1

Submit Your Utility Bills

Text (906-341-3118) or Fax (906-341-6070) copies of your February, March, April, and May utility bills (water and/or electric) to get started! February’s bill will serve as a baseline and any increased amount will be totaled and submitted for eligibility.

Step 2

Participate In Our Survey

To better understand your savings needs and goals, we ask you to click here to complete our survey which is just 7 quick questions. You must complete this survey to be eligible for utility bill increase reimbursement.

Step 3

Create Your New Savings Account & Receive a $25 Jack’s Gift Card

Join our #TakeChargeChallenge and set a goal to save $400! Our Stash Save Cash Account is specific to starting a rainy day fund. Set up future dated auto transfers to help you get on track to saving once your back to work and we have established a new normal! Click here to sign up and finish your reimbursement application.

*Your Stash Save Cash Account currently pays a higher rate of dividends for balances $50-$1,000. See the TIS Schedule for current rates. You must be a LFCU member on or before March 1, 2020 to qualify.

  •  Complete Step 1, Step 2, open your account and authorize auto pay to receive your $25 Jack’s Fresh Market Gift Card within 1-3 business days!

We are committed to helping our members achieve financial independence, and using grant funds to help cover the cost of increased utility bills is just the beginning. This program will encourage members to begin to create long term savings opportunities to better prepare for the rainy days of the future.

- Jennifer C. Watson, CEO

Your February utility bill amount will serve as the baseline amount. If there was an increase in March, April, or May, those bills are able to be submitted for reimbursement. Members are eligible to receive funds up to the total amount of the increase.

Current reimbursements are limited to $100, once we review all of the applicants we may increase the amount if there are adequate funds.

Stash. Save. Cash. balances will be shown on your monthly paper or eStatement.

Yes, you will earn dividends on this account.  Your Stash Account currently pays a higher rate of dividends for balances $50-$1,000.  See the TIS Schedule for current rates.

Yes, at any time you have extra funds to transfer into your savings account, you can do so by processing the transaction in person at our branch or drive thru.

Yes, if you wish to cancel auto transfers and/or delete the new savings account all together, simply send us a written request to cancel the account.

Yes, you are able to make four withdrawals per year or a $10 fee will be charged for any excessive withdrawals. Remember, this account is helping you save for emergency savings.

This program made possible through grant funds from the National Credit Union Administration and the Michigan Credit Union Foundation.