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Upgrade Guide

  • What's New?


    What to expect!

    • Reset your user name and password without calling the CU.
    • Receive notification when passwords or personal information is updated.
    • Add messages to your account transfers. “Jump” to other accounts you are joint on without logging out of your primary account.
    • Set up recurring transfers without calling the CU. Download account activity to Quicken (coming in August).
    • Review loan payoffs. Open additional accounts.
    • Restrict the use of your Debit card if lost or stolen and remove the restriction when you find it.
    • Transfer funds to another member.
    • Message our staff.
    • Store important items in your virtual Lock Box.
    • Make principal only loan payments.
    • Set alerts on balances, transactions, or deposits Deposit your checks in a near real time environment (no more waiting).
    • Apply for a loan without providing us information we already have on our system.
    • Applying for a loan online after speaking with a loan officer? Choose your loan officer in our new online loan application.
    • Ability to apply for a skip a pay within It’sMe247. Access EZcard Info without exiting home banking.


    After the upgrade?

    Read this upgrade guide in its entirety. Watch our Website and Facebook page for notifications of services as they come online.

    • Be patient with our staff as they are learning the new system.
    • If you typically use internet teller and bill pay, log into ItsME247 online using instructions in this guide.
    • Verify all of your bill pay recurring payments transferred correctly.
    • Verify your auto transfers posted.
    • Set up new services you wish to utilize. Use correct format when setting up new ACH or Direct Deposit items.

    From the CEO:

    As announced in December, we are upgrading our core processing system starting on April 30, 2021.

    This project is a major undertaking for our staff and technology partners as it affects all aspects of our operations. In addition to our core processing system, which is the technology used for transaction processing and maintains our shares and loans, we are also upgrading our online banking, mobile app, remote deposit capture, and bill pay.

    We know this is an inconvenience for our members but hope you will be patient as we work through this process. Our staff are excited to upgrade our core as it will provide greater functionality for members, additional products and services, as well as streamlined daily processing.

    Once complete, members will enjoy advances in our technology products, quicker processing times, and more self-serve options.

    SOME OF THE new features INCLUDE:

    • Report debit cards lost/stolen the mobile app.
    • Set eAlerts for account balance, transactions, deposits, etc.
    • Open additional account types online.
    • Near Real-Time Processing of Remote Deposit Items. (No more waiting for that file to post!)
    • We’re bringing SpeedyLine back!
    • Create auto transfers and ACH transfers within online banking or the mobile app.
    • Transfer from your account to another member’s account.
    • Apply for a loan within online banking, this will save members from entering information we already have.

    We will be closed for several days to allow us to complete the upgrade process. During this time you will not have access to our online services and will be subject to lower debit card limits. However, we will work as quickly as possible over the weekend to bring these services online as soon as the process is complete. We’ve designed a system upgrade guide as a roadmap for a smooth transition to our new services. We are also providing additional phone support for the weeks following the conversion by partnering with our new provider’s call center,

    These calls will be answered by Michigan-based, experienced staff who can assist with any questions you may have.

    We are excited to bring these changes to our members, providing state-of-the-art systems with stable functionality is always our goal.

    While change is always hard, rest assured our staff will work hard to make sure the issues are minimized and our systems are aligned with member expectations.

    Have additional questions? Stop into our office and pickup the full upgrade guide or visit our website at

    Thank you in advance for your patience during the upgrade process.

    Jennifer C. Watson, CEO

  • FAQs
    • The core processing system is the computer system used to maintain accounts and process transactions.

    • Our new core processing system will allow us to serve you more efficiently and enable us to offer new products and services.

    • Yes, your personal data and account information is safe and secure, as always.

    • Yes, your funds remain secure. All LFCU accounts continue to be insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) Share Insurance Fund up to $250,000 per account.

    • No, members should download or print their eStatements prior to 04/30/21.

    • Yes, history will be available back to 04/01/2017.

    • No. Member account numbers will remain the same.

    • Yes, please see the conversion chart tab, titled New Suffixes.

    • No, LFCU staff will handle this behind the scenes. If you are setting up new ACH items or direct deposits see new format on Page 8.

    • Yes, you will be able to use your debit and ATM card with stand-in limits. If you know you will be traveling during this time, please contact us in advance to have your limits increased.

    • ATM: $320

      Debit POS: $750

      Debit (PIN) $750

    • 833-628-1226. See instructions on tab, Text Banking/Speedyline.

    • Yes. Please see the tab, It’sMe247.

    • No, there are no changes to checks. When a new check order is placed the MICR number will be updated.

    • The mobile app must be certified by iTunes and the Google Play Store, they allow 1-5 days for this certification process, although we expect it sooner we can’t control this piece of the upgrade.

    • Yes, all bill pay history and recurring payments will convert.

    • Print or download any eStatements you may need.

      Have extra cash on hand.

      Although Debit and ATM cards will be available, consider using your LFCU Visa to pay for larger purchases.

      Make sure you know your account (member) number.

  • It'sMe247


    New Online Banking


    Our upgraded online banking system that offers the new features on the previous pages, is now called It’sMe247. Since this is a new online banking platform, you will need to re-enroll in this service when you access it for the first time.

    1. Go to and click on Login.
    2. Enter your member account number and type in your default password(last four digits of the primary accountholder’s SSN, four digit birth year to make an eight digit password).
    3. Re-enter the default password in the current password field.
    4. Create a new secure password and type it into the password fields.
    5. Click change my password and save.
    6. Complete the requested security questions.
    7. Answers are not case sensitive.
    8. Click save my questions.
    9. Accept the terms and conditions of use.

    The password you create will be used to log in to the Mobile App the first time as well.


    Mobile App

    Our upgraded online banking system offers more user-friendly features and more functionality through the new mobile app! Once the upgrade is complete you’ll need to delete the current app and download the new mobile app.

    1. Delete the old mobile app.
    2. Go to the iTunes Store or Google Play Store search for Limestonefcu.
    3. Download the app.
    4. If you already logged into ItsMe247 online banking use those credentials to log in. If not go to step 5.
    5. Enter your member number and type in your default (last four digits of the primary accountholder’s SSN, four digit birth year to make an eight digit password).
    6. Re-enter the default password in the current password field.
    7. Create a new secure password and save.
    8. Complete the requested security questions. Answers are not case sensitive.
    9. Click save my questions.
    10. Accept the terms of use.

    Please note: Your login and password will be the same as the It’sMe247 log-in that needs to be created.

  • Text Banking/Speedyline

    TEXT Banking

    First time use: Log into It’sMe247 online banking using the steps shown on It’sMe247 tab.

    Click the Go Mobile button on the toolbar Select Text Banking Home.

    Follow prompts to enroll.

    After enrollment, text commands to IM247 (46247).


    Balance of up to 3 accounts.

    TRANS MY CODE 100.00

    Transfers amount between accounts configured.


    Stop Text banking and mobile alerts for enrolled phone number.


    Text Banking may be for you!

    SPEEDY Line  

    First-time use: Call 1-833-628-1226 and enter your member number.

    Enter your temporary pin (last four digits of the primary accountholders social security number).

    You will then be prompted to enter a new PIN, enter a new PIN, and press #. Confirm your new PIN.

    Select menu options:

    1 : Account inquiries, including balances and recent transactions.

    2 : Funds transfer.

    3 : Hear current rates or calculate estimated loan payments.

    4 : Change your PIN.

    5 : Change to a different member number.

    6 : Other CU Services-including locations and hours.

    8 : Repeat this menu.

    9 : End call.

    0 : CU Talk Tutorial (press* to exit the tutorial and return to the main menu).

  • New Suffixes

  • Biometrics for LFCU Mobile App

    How to Setup Biometrics

    1. Download LFCU Mobile App from either Apple App Store or Google Play Store

    2. Enroll in Online Banking (for more information on this go to ItsMe247 Tab)

    3. Open LFCU Mobile App and select Accounts

    4.Then under the sign in you can setup Authenticate with PIN, Finger Print, Face, or Voice (You do not need to do all of them, only which ever one(s) you prefer).

    5. Later if you decide you would like to change these authentication options or turn them on or off it can be done in your settings.

    6. Go back to your home screen and click on your account.

    7. Scroll through the setting options until you come across, Authentication Options:

    8. Then you can select from any of the options and turn them on or off for your account.

    9. For any additional questions please give us a call at 906-341-5866.


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