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Girl Code: The Trifecta

Girl Code is a program focused on teaching girls about all the different opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in a fun, hands-on learning environment.  Computer Science, for example, utilizes STEM classes and is one of the most advantageous technology degrees out there, offering multiple career options.

Ally Stoll, Limestone Federal Credit Union’s Technology Analyst, graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Grand Valley State University and wants to shed light on the many paths a Computer Science degree can take you.

“A professor of mine said to me: Welcome to Computer Science, we have all become wizards.  In today’s world, there are no potions or cure-alls, but there are computers.  We sit here with nothing but a blank computer and we create something out of thin air, starting with ones and zeros, typing a language that only a computer can read.  All of a sudden, we’ve created a new game or new application that’s not really physical but we made it and that is why we are wizards.”

When you hear the word “Coding” most think complicated numbers and computer-generated language.  However, coding is not just about the numbers – a real person needs to instruct the computer on what to do, hence Computer Science professionals.

Ally added, “Coding teaches you so much more than just a computer language, if you’re creative all the better because then you could choose a graphic design minor and start building websites 100% from scratch.” “Anything you touch on your phone, tablets, and computers such as games, apps, or programs, they’re all created from code.”

Technology is here to stay and we invite girls in 9-12th grades to attend our Girl Code: The Trifecta Event to learn more about the opportunities and for a chance to win $100! Click Here for all the details and to register by Monday, December 16th!