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No declined cards

Protect your checking account to make sure payments always go through, even when your account is at zero.
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We’ve Got Your Account’s Back

With Overdraft Protection, a transaction will go through successfully, even without funds in either checking or savings. You’ll get a 30-day grace period to balance the account after drawing it below zero.

  • Lower fee than Non-Sufficient Funds
  • No more declined cards
  • Opt-in for any checking account

If a transaction is processed when there are not enough funds in your account, Overdraft Protection covers the overdrawn amount and allows the transaction to be processed. This is not meant to be a line of credit, just cover an accidental mistake.

We will extend you credit up to $400.00, to cover an overdraft transaction. There are larger amounts available if approved.

You must be 18 years or older and must have a checking account.

You are responsible for the amount that was overdrawn, plus a fee of $18.00, which is less than having the check returned as Non-Sufficient Funds. The overdrawn amount and fee must be paid back within 30 days.

Make sure every transaction goes through

You can opt-in to Overdraft Protection when you open a new account, or update your preferences anytime by stopping by.

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