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A Special Way to Save

See what it's like to be on top of things and stay on top with a Special Savings.
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The All Purpose Plan for Success

Be poised and ready for smooth sailing when you find yourself in tax season, approaching the holidays, or ready for a vacation. These yearly events can all come with a hefty price tag. Special Savings Accounts are the perfect way to drop in a little money here and there so when you come to the day of reckoning, the amount you need is ready and waiting.

  • Can be opened at any time
  • Encourages you to save
  • Eases the stress of big expenses
  • Makes organizing your money much easier

A Special Savings account is just another sub-savings account under your main account. Members use Special Savings accounts for vacation funds, bills, emergency funds, etc. *Fun Fact – you can change the name of your account to display what you’re saving for! Try it in Internet Teller.

The standard interest rate for Savings Accounts is 0.10%. However, with a Special Savings Account, you don’t begin collecting interest until your balance reaches $50 or more.

Ready to be more ready?

Come by and see us or give us a call to open a Special Savings Account (or two) and start saving for your next big event.

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