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Think less about bills

Set up recurring payments to handle monthly bills. Easy, convenient, and fast.
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Automatic Payments

Never forget a payment again. With Bill Pay, you can set up recurring payments for your monthly bills, and even make one-time transfers to people, banks, and credit unions. You have enough things to remember. Let us handle this one.

  • Simple online center controls all your payments
  • Schedule recurring payments for monthly bills
  • Easily transfer money to banks and people

If your screen is white when you click on the bill pay tab within Internet Teller, Bill Pay is not currently set up for your account. You will need to contact us to request it to be added to your account.

Yes, you are authorized to $2,500 a month in payments through your account.

Yes, when you set up your payments you can schedule how often you would like them to be paid.

Yes, you are able to see an 18-month history.

You will need your account to be reset by contacting Bill Pay or us at LFCU.

Our routing number is 291172789.

Worry less about bills

Set up and manage one-time and recurring payments from an easy-to-use online location.

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