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Crush your debt with rates as low as 6.00%¹

How does one, easy, low payment sound?
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Lower interest rates

If you’ve got a chunk of high-interest debt from credit cards or other tough loans, we’d love to help you out. We can take on your loans and set you up with a much better one. You’ll be able to manage everything in one place, and keep more money in your wallet each month.

¹Published rates effective 07/01/2022 and is the lowest possible rate.  Actual rate may be higher based on borrowers credit score, ability to repay, and payment type.  Rates shown are an example and do not qualify as an offer.  APR is based on $20,000.00 loan, at 6.22%, for 24 months, monthly payment $888.40.  Actual APR may be higher.

  • Enjoy a much lower rate
  • Handle just one monthly payment
  • Perfect for managing credit card debt


How much is the loan you want?
How's your credit?
How's your credit?
How many months do you want the loan for?
How many months do you want the loan for?

This loan can be used for credit cards, loans, and any other miscellaneous payments you may have that you would like to combine together.

If the debt you are paying is a credit card, we will need the most recent statement for the card. If the debt you are paying is another loan, we will need a 10 day payoff. Also, we will need proof of income on all borrowers.

As much as we would like to see your smiling faces, you can sign all of your documents through e-mail!

Of course not, we are your credit union. We are not going to penalize you for your good payment habits.

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