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A student loan from us can help take you that much further in life.
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Why borrow with us?

We’ve partnered up with LendKey to offer our members extraordinary deals on student loans, with both low rates and generous funding. Get good grades? You may be eligible for even lower rates.

  • Borrow up to $75,000
  • Covers any educational costs, including housing
  • Loans for both Graduate and Undergraduate programs

A Private Student Loan is a loan typically acquired through credit unions and banks. We recommend exploring all avenues such as scholarships, Pell Grants, and financial aid using a private student loan as a supplement to federal loans.

A co-signer is an individual who guarantees that they will be legally responsible to pay back a debt that the borrower cannot pay. A co-signer may be a relative or a non-relative.

Yes, however, you must communicate this with your financial advisor. LendKey submits a request to your school to confirm how much funding you will need, and if they are not made aware you plan to take out additional funds for anything other than tuition, the financial advisor will only let LendKey know the tuition amount needed.

The application process only takes about fifteen minutes.

Funds are released as soon as all information needed has been received and reviewed by LendKey and/or Limestone Federal Credit Union.

A Variable Rate is an interest rate that may change based on a response to economic conditions.

No, we do not offer Fixed Rate Student Loans at this time.

Up to $75,000 total.

Yes, there is a 1% origination fee only in the event that a student loan is approved.

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