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Safe and Sound

You work hard for your business profits— don’t let them fall through the cracks.
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Simply Secure

When your savings are where they belong, the assurance frees your mind to focus on growing your business. When you open a Limestone savings account, you become a valued member. We’ll do what we can to keep you in business since it’s you who keeps us in business. It’s like a really helpful business partnership, without the hustle.

  • Five dollars gets you started
  • It also secures your membership
  • Membership means we have the best interest of your business at heart

You can expect our friendly staff to conduct your business in a quick, efficient, and professional manner. We are set up to serve small businesses, typically owner operated, and unfortunately are not equipped to handle medium to large businesses with high transaction volumes.  If you are unsure if we can service your Business Account just pop in and one of our friendly staff would be happy to chat about what we offer.

Yes, we do. These accounts are structured just like our personal accounts; therefore, you’ll avoid the fees typically associated with a Business Account.

Unfortunately, no, we do not currently offer this service on Business Accounts.

We sure can, just let one of our front-line staff know when you are in need of coin and cash. If you are placing large orders, we do ask for one-week's notice.

We do not offer ACH payroll services.

Unfortunately, we do not. Most of our small business members are utilizing the Square or Quick Books and are able to obtain those services directly.

Save Your Business

Put those hard earned dollars in a savings account that wants you to succeed in your business ventures. Get in touch with Limestone today.

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