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5th Annual Financial Reality Fair Recap

Limestone Federal Credit Union put on it’s 5th Annual Financial Reality Fair last Friday, December 20th. The fair allows the students to live the life of a recent college graduate with a credit score, a salary, and a budget to maintain. This year was the first year the students were able to participate in the fair using an app called Bite of Reality 2. The Michigan Credit Union Foundation purchased the use of the Bite of Reality 2 app from the Richard Myles Johnson Foundation, which was established in 1958 to promote credit union education and build vibrant leadership for the future. Most students used their phones, and the school provided the use of iPads as well.

Alycia Kaiser, Student Education Coordinator at LFCU says “Debt can be crippling and life-altering. It is so important that we have these conversations with not only our own children, but with the youth in our communities as well. The knowledge and skills they acquire at a younger age with regards to budgeting and saving will benefit them greatly as they get older”.

A short, interactive quiz was also given before and after the fair, with questions that touched on credit reports, fixed and variable rates, and student loan debt. The students had 43% accuracy before the fair and 63% accuracy after.

Mike Powers, Economics teacher at Manistique High School says “Manistique Area Schools is always pleased to collaborate with local businesses such as LFCU, the Financial Reality Fair is one of the many activities which Limestone participates in to help our community. The students see how important decisions are when deciding what to purchase for the necessities of life.  This activity forces the student to balance their budget, which means making educated financial choices in their life.  The students exhibited an increase in personal finance education in the post testing and discussions of the Financial Reality Fair.  Several students even presented this information to peers as a follow up activity to the fair.”

For more information on the Financial Reality Fair, or any of our other young engagement programs, check out our website at, or contact Alycia Kaiser at (906)341-5866 or email: