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Grind Students Partner with Local Business Owners

We have had several members of our community take the time to visit us and collaborate on new ideas for The Grind Coffee House.  We wanted to take a moment to highlight these meetings and thank those who have assisted us along the way.

Kathi Lesica stopped by recently to put up a wall quote at The Grind, and we absolutely love it! We wanted something different and fun, and a wall quote that describes The Grind was the perfect addition.

Jack’s Fresh Market, more specifically Jon Ziminski, has been collaborating with The Grind for over a year now.  They are involved in many community give-back initiatives, and we are proud to be one of them. JFM provides us with special pricing on items for the coffee shop, such as milk, whipped cream, and more.  Saving money on essential everyday items (see what we did there?) like this allows us to give back even more!  Jon has also talked with the students about the realities of operating multiple businesses and everything that goes along with it.

Tiffany Gault is the owner and operator of TAP21, a local bar and grill. This past summer, she sat down with us to discuss some ideas she had been thinking about in regards to The Grind, and what we could do to set ourselves apart. After listening to her feedback, we researched new coffee syrups and decided to try something new!

Bristol Snider is the owner of The Mustard Seed.  We’ve met with her two times so far to discuss the basics of running a small business, and new ideas for the interior of the coffee shop.  To get an idea, the students went to The Mustard Seed and split into two groups and each had to set up a display using pre-selected products.  This helped the students tremendously with making products visually appealing, and how to fill space effectively!

If you’re a business owner or community member and would like to meet The Grind students and share your tips, tricks, or any other information you’ve found useful over time, please let us know.  We’d love to build even more partnerships and relationships throughout our community and provide students with more unique, hands-on learning opportunities!