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COVID-19 Update | June 17, 2020

As we continue to move through the stages of COVID 19, the health and safety of our staff, membership, and the long-term sustainability of the organization remain our first priority.   While we are all eager to get back to some form of normal, we have limited resources and need to ensure we are able to meet the ongoing needs through the pandemic.  It is our intention to continue to evaluate over the next few weeks as we monitor the situation under the new, less restrictive government orders.

After careful evaluation of current CDC guidelines, as well as possible outcomes in the event of an outbreak, we have made the decision to continue operating with our main lobby closed.  We have made changes at drive thru which allow us to operate both lanes, will continue to car hop on busy days, and have opened spaces in our main branch vestibule and at The Grind Coffee House (by appointment only) in order to offer face to face service in our Micro Branches.

While we won’t have any cash in the Micro Branches, we will be able to assist with the transactions listed below.  We recommend making an appointment to ensure you are served as quickly as possible.

  • Assistance with mobile technologies
  • Notary Public
  • Document signing
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Check transactions
  • Account opening

We have the ability to make appointments if our vestibule branch is unavailable but to date have been able to meet the needs of the membership in that area.  Thank you for your ongoing patience during this time.  We, like you, are anxious to get back to business as usual!

Jennifer C. Watson