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Importance of Cyber Security

Now that we are returning to the office and life is going back to a new normal it is important to stay hypervigilant in regards to cybersecurity. During times of distress, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the activities of criminals aim to capitalize on our fear of the unknown during uncertain times.  These scammers use different techniques to try and obtain your information by targeting your identity and even your financial accounts and services using current headlines to pull you in.  To better arm you against these attempts and stop fraudsters dead in their tracks here’s a list of tips for you to think about next time you receive an unknown text, email, or phone call.

  • Monitor your cards and purchases regularly for any unknown charges. Scammers are on you not taking the time to look at the details so they can get away with their scam and ultimately your money or information.
  • Examine emails closely before clicking any links. Check for misspellings, strange capitalizations, different ends to a website (ex: instead of, bad grammar, etc.
  • Before using public WiFi, consider what you are accessing should the information be intercepted.
  • Scammers are now texting! If you weren’t expecting a link via text don’t click on it. Instead go to your web browser and pull it up yourself if the link seems safe.
  • Never give out any sensitive information. This can include passwords, usernames, or answers to your account security questions.
  • Make sure your devices (yes, even your phone) and software applications are always updated. That quick 5-minute restart could save you grief in the long run.
  • Utilize an antivirus software on all of your devices. These can be set to auto-run in the background protecting you as you go about regular activity.

A good general rule of thumb when it comes to security is to Pause, Think, then Act.  Staying alert and aware of the details could prevent you from being in a dangerous situation that is tough to get out of when it comes to scammers. Stay safe and secure!