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A Big Thank You | Submit A Testimonial

This update will be a little different than most.  This is not surprising as 2020 has been a year that will go down in history books.  While the experts continue to sort out the lessons we’ve learned, the economic impact, and the lasting effect the pandemic will have on our culture, I personally want to take pause and recognize our staff.

At the onset of the pandemic they hit the ground running, adapting to a new way of serving the membership while balancing the needs of their families, which was further strained when daycare and schools began closing.  We certainly had some rock-stars on our staff; those who balanced homeschooling with lending, answered phones remotely while their littles napped, those who logged in before dawn and stayed late in the evening to make sure no one was left behind, those who worked long lines at drive thru even though they were sometimes greeted with less than friendly faces, and then there were those who supported our technical needs to make sure we had the tools necessary to make this all work. Sometimes the word rock-star is over used, in this case I think it is certainly appropriate.

According to Lifehack, the traits of a Rock-Star Employee include; taking initiative, demonstrating integrity, delivering results, communicating, adapting to the current situation, seeking solutions rather than creating drama, and they are truly passionate about what they do.  I can tell you without hesitation we have more than a few rock stars on our staff, one thing that has come out of the pandemic is clarity of who those employees are.

– Jennifer C. Watson, CEO

Do you have a favorite Limestone employee?  Someone who consistently goes out of their way to make sure your needs are met?  Someone you think is deserving of a little extra compliment? If you would like to submit a testimonial regarding a recent or past experience with us, please email me at

This year, in conjunction with International Credit Union Day, we are going to celebrate our staff on Thursday, October 15, 2020.  Join me in giving them a sincere THANK YOU for continuing to serve the membership, for coming to work when others didn’t, for getting up, showing up, and getting the job done!

Jennifer C. Watson, CEO