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Cutting Back By Cutting Subscriptions

How to cancel unused subscriptions

Subscription costs can eat away at your budget. There is a good chance that every month, you’re paying for multiple subscriptions that you rarely use, or even never used. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution to this: Cancel them. Here is how to get started.

Think First

The reason subscriptions go unnoticed is that the price for each is usually quite small. Ten dollars for this, $5 for that, $2.99 for this, $12 for that, and so on. So to cut back on expenses, you need to think of those little numbers as one big number.

Add it Up

Now that your mind is in the right space, go through and add up all of your subscriptions and their collective costs. It’s probably quite a bit higher than you think.

Get Cutting

You can cancel subscriptions through your phone pretty easily. For Androids, go to Play Store – Account – Subscriptions. Go through each and cancel any that you haven’t used recently. Remember, you can always resubscribe if you find that you miss it. For iPhones, go to Settings – Apple ID – Subscriptions.

Consider Using an App

Several apps out there follow your subscriptions and show you how much you use them. The apps also make it easy to cancel your subscriptions as they’re all grouped. Try apps like TrueBill, Trim, or Bobby and see which one you prefer.

Written by Chris O’Shea,