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Back Off Cybercriminals!

How to prevent getting hacked in cyber attacks

Cyber criminals are everywhere and they are constantly on the lookout for a potential scam or hack. That means you need to be just as vigilant. While you can’t prevent software from getting hacked, you can make sure your security is as tight as possible. Here are three tips that can help keep hackers at bay.

Use Authentication

One of the simplest steps you can take to prevent your info from being stolen is to enable two-factor or multi-factor authentication. With two-factor authentication, instead of just using one password to log into a site, you will need a password and one additional verification. Usually, the additional verification is a text or email sent to you with a one-time code.

Get Updated

As we mentioned, you can’t do much to prevent hackers who find security flaws in software. However, there is one thing you can do — keep your software updated. Just as hackers are constantly trying to find weaknesses in software, the teams behind the software are creating patches to fill holes. That means it’s important to update your software as soon as possible because vital security patches are often included.

Get Help

A password manager app is another great way to help keep your info safe from hackers. These apps can not only store your passwords but will generate extremely complicated passwords for you. The organization of a password manager is great. The extra security provided via complex passwords is even better.

Do One Thing: Enable two-factor authentication for sites and apps that use them.

Written by Chris O’Shea,

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