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Morning Brew Recap with Dr. Kristina Hansen

Recap of Community Connection Event with Dr. Kristina Hansen

The purpose of this event was to foster connections within the community, encouraging participants to interact with local leaders, business owners, and hometown heroes. Hosted at The Grind Coffee House, these events serve as a platform for meaningful discussions about current events and development in our community.

This month, our featured guest was Dr. Kristina Hansen, Superintendent of Manistique Area Schools. Despite being on day #18 in her new role, Kristina proved to be an exceptional guest, engaging in over an hour of insightful conversation, and sharing thought-provoking ideas.

With a wealth of experience in education, Dr. Kristina started her career at Hannahville Indian Community College and transitioned into elementary education, eventually becoming the Building Administrative Officer. She has a history of thinking outside the box, from fundraising for Big Brothers Big Sisters with elementary students to preparing older students for job readiness.

In her current role as superintendent, Dr. Hansen highlighted the recent turnover in administration at MAS. She commended the team for stepping in, taking on additional roles, and assisting during the transitional period. Despite the shift in her role, spending more time with administration and faculty, she expressed her commitment to allocating time for direct interaction with students.

We had the opportunity to discuss Limestone FCU’s long standing collaboration with MAS, covering financial literacy initiatives, the EEE Spirit Store, Financial Reality Fairs, and The Grind Coffee House. Along with future projects, including “Learn it. Plan it. Pitch it.,” a program akin to NBC’s Shark Tank, were also on the agenda. These programs are made possible with support of Upward Community Youth, Inc., a non-profit created to support youth entrepreneurial activities, along with a partnership with MSU Extension of Schoolcraft County in which a shared employee dedicates fifty percent of time to financial literacy efforts.

Dr. Hansen shared her success with past student projects, such as second-grade students selling popcorn monthly to raise funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Reporting on lesson learned and the great success these students attained in working toward a goal that was focused on furthering the goals of an organization designed to provide support to students.

Additionally, she revealed the district’s exploration of a MDHHS (Michigan Department of Health & Human Services) grant to facilitate operations of a potential medical clinic in the school, offering crucial health services to students.

Our conversation touched on various topics, including a hospitality program, childcare challenges in the state, and was open to the idea of exploring the potential for a childcare center as a Career and Technical Education (CTE) course. Dr. Hansen emphasized the importance of onsite CTE classes, mentioning current offerings like HOSA, Welding, Building Trades, and Auto Mechanics.

During the discussion, a participant suggested creating a “Wall of Fame” to highlight successful graduates, providing inspiration and pride for the students and the entire community.

Overall, the session proved to be an exceptional opportunity for participants to connect with Dr. Kristina Hansen, share collaborative ideas, and gain insights into the future of Manistique Area Schools. We appreciated the time and dialog and look forward to working with her in the future.

Stay tuned for information on future sessions, as we believe these interactions contribute to a more informed and connected community, fostering unity and shared responsibility.

In closing, thank you for your continued support, we look forward to your participation in future events.



Article by, Jennifer C. Watson, CEO, of Limestone FCU