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The Impacts of AI and How We’re Safeguarding Operations

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently a hot topic in the technology world.

The potential applications of this technology are virtually limitless, although somewhat intimidating. At Limestone FCU, we are in the beginning stages of AI utilization. We recognize its immense potential to enhance the effectiveness of our operations. Understanding any limitations associated with the use of AI is equally important.

On a regular basis, our team is training to increase their knowledge on best practices while using AI. While there may be many potential uses for improving internal performance and user experience, we take careful steps in adopting new technology. Ensuring AI meets our internal standards, and that our team is staying well informed on safeguarding the integrity of our current operations is our main focus.

If you’re looking for ways to safeguard your personal information while using AI, Limestone FCU members have access to KnowB4 training at no cost (details below).

Best Practices When Using AI
  • AI is new for many of us. Pay attention to the changing landscape as we become more familiar with it.

  • Be aware of the information you are providing to the AI program.

  • Choose the right AI for your needs.

  • Fact-check data provided by AI; many people are inputting data.

  • Avoid plagiarism and copyright infringement.

  • Understand the limitations of AI. Lack of context, common sense, and human understanding are a few.

KnowB4 – How-To Login:

When you login to KnowB4, use the password ‘homecourse’ to access.

Access KnowB4


By Jennifer Benedetto, Information Technology Director

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