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Mobile Services You Can Use From Home Copy

Our mobile services and online banking allow you to handle your finances anywhere, anytime—24/7. Learn how you can be mobile friendly during these uncertain times and still get what you need done FAST.

Easily check your account balances by using our Mobile App.

  • Our mobile app gives you the easiest, most convenient way to accomplish various banking tasks. When you have the LFCU Mobile App, you have a powerful financial tool in the palm of your hand.  Make transfers, check your balance, pay bills, and more right at your fingertips.

Deposit checks with our Remote Deposit feature within our Mobile App.

  • Can’t get to us before 5:30pm to cash your check? No worries! We offer Remote Deposit where you snap a picture of your paycheck through our mobile app and as long as it was sent before 4pm that business day, it will be processed and into your account same day. Learn more about RDC by click here.

View and search all of your transactions via Internet Teller or our Mobile App.

  • Within just a few clicks you can sort through your transaction history and know your available balance and pending transactions.

Set up recurring payments to handle monthly bills using our Bill Pay feature.

  • Never forget a payment again.  With Bill Pay, you can set up recurring payments for your monthly bills, and even make one-time transfers to people, banks, and credit unions.

Send money between accounts, to a friend, or to pay a bill.

  • We make it easy to send money where and when you need it!

Sign up for e-statements to access your monthly statement online.

  • Our goal is to make things quick and convenient for our members. That’s why we offer e-Statements, which are the paperless, online accessible version of monthly statements.

If you need help with any of these services please call us at 906-341-5866 or text us at 906-341-3118 and we’ll get you up and running from your mobile devices in no time!